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Rosoft Audio Tools 2, Lame Edition 2

Rosoft Audio Tools 2, Lame Edition 2

Rosoft Audio Tools 2, Lame Edition Publisher's Description

Rosoft Audio Tools 2, Lame Edition

Rosoft Engineering proudly presents Rosoft Audio Tools 2, Lame Edition. This tool includes Rosoft CD Extractor, Rosoft Audio Recorder, Rosoft Lame Encoder and Rosoft Media Player. For mp3 creation you need to have an external encoder installed. We recommend Lame. If you don¿t have the encoder installed when you run Rosoft CD Extractor or Rosoft Lame Encoder you will be prompted to a download at Lame¿s official homepage. Because Rosoft Audio Tools no longer include the Fraunhofer encoder we have been able to lower the price with US$10 to US$ 20. By letting you download the encoder DLL your selves we save you US$ 5. It is also bad to let you pay for the license if you already have the file lame_enc.dll installed on your PC.

With this set of tool you can use Rosoft CD Extractor to record you CD's to .WAV or .MP3 files. You can use Rosoft Audio Recorder to record you LP and tape collection into .WAV files that you can encode to mp3 files. Just record the file using Rosoft Audio Recorder then chose mp3 and Convert Files to MP3 and Rosoft Lame Encoder is started with the same files added as the ones just recorded. You can play all your recorded files with Rosoft Media Player if you have the right ACM CODEC installed.

Rosoft Lame Encoder

Rosoft Lame Encoder is a shell for lame_enc.dll and bladeenc.dll and it support varies of bit rates. Since it is very hard if not even impossible to tell the difference between the Lame encoder plug-in lame_enc.dll and the Fraunhofer MP3 Encoder Rosoft used to deliver there isn¿t much sense billing you US$ 10 extra for this. US$ 10 is license fee I had to pay for every sold version of the Fraunhofer MP3 Encoder. Luckily the Lame encoder is available free of charge at Lame¿s official homepage

Rosoft Audio Recorder

Rosoft Audio Recorder is a tool you should use if you want to record tracks easily. It is the perfect program if you want to record old LPs or tapes. You can let the program auto split when it finds a new track or you can do it manually by pressing a button or a key. You can rename the recorded files and you can of course tell the program where to store the recorded files.

Rosoft CD Extractor

With Rosoft CD Extractor 2 and the Lame encoder plug-in lame_enc.dll you can encode mp3 files. Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD then select mp3 format (optional), select MP3 as Output format and then press record and you extract mp3 files.

Rosoft Media Player

Rosoft Media Player is the program in this set of tool you use when you want to listen to the recorded files. You can create your own play lists. This program supports every file format for which you have a ACM CODEC installed. This way Rosoft Media Player can also play your movie files, by this it is a true media player.

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